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Our Story

Our Story – Past, Present & Future

Inspiration behind the name, company mission & culture.

Maly’s Foods started on the belief that good food should always be shared and enjoyed amongst family, friends, neighbors and the community.

Inspired by a woman (a Lao refugee, immigrant, 20+ year stroke survivor, Mom of 4 and spouse) who humbly knew that with hard work, sacrifice, generosity, kindness, service towards others, and living simply by good morals and ethics, dreams are possible. This real-life dream started through a journey of hardships, survival and living.

Maly (pronounced Mah-Lee like her youngest daughter Molly) is short for Chanmaly. She is the inspiration behind our company’s mission, recipes and foods that we create to bring enjoyment to your home. Discover her journey below.


Before my sisters and I were born, our families were several generations of farmers, cropping fresh vegetables, grains and raising live stock in a small village of Laos in Southeast Asia.

Though limited at times, food meant survival.

Maly told us stories of her younger self making snacks, soups, and various meals to sell at local markets in the villages — it’s ironic, already a young hustler and entrepreneur.

Fast forward to the early to mid-1970’s as many Lao people were forced to leave their homes and take refuge from the war and turmoil. My family has many stories of survivorship, but one stands out —

the image of Maly carrying her toddler and baby, solely crossing the murky river bordering Laos and Thailand, while an enemy soldier held a rifle aimed at her, ready to shoot and kill

— but instead relieved her and her two small children.

She managed to escape and traveled by foot carrying her babies through the forest terrains, river and dirt roads of the countryside. She eventually made it to reunite with her family in Thailand and traveled further to a refugee camp.


In 1979, my family immigrated to America. The transition was challenging. With little education, money and a culture/language barrier, my parents did their best to survive in an unfamiliar country.

A family of four, later became six with the addition of two more daughters. As a former teacher in Laos, my Dad believed in education and knew it could pave the way for a better life for his children.

My parents worked two jobs in assembly line manufacturers and managed to send 4 daughters to college — my sisters and I are forever humble and grateful. We had a home, education, jobs, food to eat and family.

Maly’s favorite color is RED (if you’ve noticed), BOLD and COURAGEOUS as she is.

2003 – The Changes that will Inspire Surviving & Living

Life can certainly throw the unexpected. In the summer of 2003, Maly survived a heart attack and a massive stroke requiring emergency brain surgery. Recovery was slow and with frequent hospital visits and rehabilitation throughout the years, left permanent disability.

She could no longer work nor create savory meals that we all loved and grew up on. My family learned to be home chefs and experts in caregiving – one of the most rewarding jobs is to care for your Mom or loved one.

2022 – PRESENT – Honoring Maly & Building for the Future

Maly’s daughter, Lisa, had been working in the business field in various industries for several years when she became Maly’s full-time caregiver in 2017. Maly has been her entire life’s inspiration from completing school, work ethics to making sure to be generous, kind and provide service for others.

With a background in marketing, finance, tech and business operations, Lisa started on a journey and mission to bring about what her Mom taught her all these years but can no longer do for herself — developing and creating quality, convenient and delicious food for everyone to enjoy.

Maly’s legacy will be forever rooted in this company as we continue to grow our family-owned business, serve and bring value to our customers. She is the real-life inspiration behind our brand, mission, values, recipes and foods that we create to bring enjoyment to your home.

Her story continues today — hope it may also inspire your journey through life as well.

With Love, Care & Eating Well,
Maly’s Family


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